Make me happy!!!

There are times in life when we feel that things are just too much and we just need something or someone to put some sweetness back into our lives. Problem is, no one can really do this for us; we have to find a way to do this for ourselves.

Find something that makes you happy, that you enjoy. Preferably not copious amounts of food. I would have no problem eating this jar of Good ‘n Plenty, in one sitting. I would feel great while popping them in my mouth, but afterwards I’d feel sick and kicking myself for doing it. I needed to find a better way invite happiness in.

I'm changing the words I use, thoughts I hold, and working on adopting new habits that are healthier than stuffing my face.

I’m choosing to make malas and jewelry, or to create new oil blends, instead of choosing food. It’s one day at a time, some are better than others, but each day is a new chance to start a new life. I’m going for it!!!

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