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First a bit about Reiki

I've always been a healer and understood the benefits of touch therapy. As I got older, I wanted to learn more about what others were doing and develop my technique. I took my first two levels in the traditional manner; however, I was not allowed to move on to the third level as quickly as I felt I needed to. I did my research and found Chikara-Reiki-Do, and I never looked back. ​

If you aren't familiar with Reiki, it was conceived in 1920s Japan by Dr. Mikao Usui and spread worldwide. It has a deep traditional lineage; however, as times have changed, so has Reiki, and there are now many different schools teaching various Reiki techniques. ​


​Since attuning to the Master Practitioner Level, I have integrated other healing modalities into my practice. I also use essential oils, crystals, and meditation, as necessary, to best serve my clients. ​


Stress is the #1 cause of most dis-ease in the world. If you can find ways to help yourself relax and avoid seeing the doctor for every little thing, wouldn't a session every one to two weeks be worth it? (I'm not saying you shouldn't see your doctor if it appears serious, but not all of our little complaints are doctor-worthy.) I have focused my practice on aiding my clients in removing or reducing stress in their lives. ​ ​

(And if you are under a doctor's care, follow their instructions, too. Reiki is a complementary practice, not a replacement. )

Spiritual Healing

This is a bit more complicated than a standard Reiki Session. This can also consist of removing cords, transmuting negative energies, using Ho'oponopono and other techniques and practices to aid in the healing of the client. It can usually be done in one in-person session, but it takes one to two days of preparation work for me.

Our Services

Please Note

All sessions are by

appointment only.

Saturdays I am at Spa Esoteric at 105 S Church St, McKinney TX

(Please call 972-540-2278 to book your sessions here.)

Sundays & Mondays I am at 

Sol & Luna Wellness Center

501 N Kentucky, McKinney TX

(Please contact me directly to book your session on these days.)


24-hour notice for cancellation is required.

  • If you cancel after the 24 hours time frame and have pre-paid for your service, there is no refund, but 75% will be applied to your next booking.

  • Cash, or unpaid, clients will be required to pre-pay for any future appointment.

Prepayment is available via PayPal invoice.

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