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A bit on how I work

When I do a healing session, I ask for the Most Benevolent Outcome (MBO) according to the Law of Grace. I don't heal you, I channel the energy that your body can use to heal itself. The one thing that you have to accept is that the MBO may not be what you expect. The Universe is like that. Believe, trust, and let go.

(And if you are under a doctor's care, follow their instructions, too. Reiki is a complementary practice, not a replacement. )


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My Story

My story is probably not much different than anyone else's. I had negativity drilled into me most of my life and had enough. I started my journey to becoming who I am about 30 years ago and am still growing and changing. It's become an amazing adventure.


I've always been a healer, I just didn't know what to do about it until I took classes in Reiki and eventually found my way into other similar modalities that I could blend together into the practice I have today. I treat each client as the individual they deserve and customize each session to fit their specific needs. 

I start with a grounding/centering for both them and myself and then proceed with the treatment. For the last five minutes of the session, we do another short grounding to integrate everything into their bodies.


Contact me directly at either of these. I prefer you to text, however, if you call, please leave a message, and I will return your call as soon as possible.

Text or Leave a message: 469-441-4861

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