Exposing myself with a mask...

A friend and I did a test run making masks for a class she is teaching. I was a bit apprehensive about doing it as it is a full face casting and I'm claustrophobic.

The first great thing is the order that she put the plaster bandage pieces on. It made me a lot more comfortable doing this and although I did get a bit uncomfortable, no panic attack, no real stress!

The hard part for me was the actual decorating. These masks are a part of who you really are. I had to let go and let spirit lead me. And although I didn't complete the decorating during the class, I took my time and found the exact pieces I needed to finish her.

I put a great deal of symbology into putting where I am on my journey into her.

And here's the breakdown:

* Those that know me are aware that I am not a fan of my curly hair, but am now embracing it and pulling it back into a quasi 'fro with headbands/scarves. It is now my "crowning glory".

* The eyes, well as a Psychic/Intuitive I use my Third Eye to gain insight, the bird feathers are so that I see the wisdom in all around me and can gather the pearls into my sight, as I look through the veil between worlds.

* The mouth - words have power, you need to speak wisely and with love. Once spoken they cannot be taken back. There is a Hawaiian phrase, amama ua noa, which I was taught loosely translates to "as it is spoken, it is released to the universe".

* The lightening bolts on the cheeks are for strength and the three dots at their base are for the maiden, mother, and crone.

* The ears are flowers, so that everything heard is from a place of love and compassion and so to be reminded we are all one.

This is me, where I am at this time in my life. Where are you? What is it you are afraid to show others about yourself? What truths are you hiding from?

If you want to talk about it, let me know...

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