Fear is just a 4 letter word

March 9, 2016

​​Among the multitude of things about myself that I am working on, letting go of fear is a biggie. Not the rational fear stuff, but the stuff that can keep a person from growing and causes them to become stagnant. The insidious thoughts that crawl into your mind and tell you that you aren’t good enough, that you’ll look stupid if you try something new.


I’ve started making a very conscious effort to take a pause and look at these thoughts as they arrive. Because I’ve reached that stage in life where I don’t really care if I look “stupid” that reason is easy to dismiss, but the ones that put me out of my comfort zone, the ones that truly scare me, those I have to take time with and dissect, those are the ones that, if I can overcome the initial “fear” I can overcome the hesitation and get out of my own way and jump in with both feet.


It’s hard, very hard. I don’t succeed every time, but I am able to move one step closer. And if I am able to take the plunge, I find that level of joy one can only imagine. As the title of Bruce Willis’ second album says “if it don't kill you it just makes you stronger”.




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