Feeling relevant

March 3, 2016


                      "Believe in your own relevance wholeheartedly" ~ @EmeliaSam #360Soul


I read this tweet today by someone I've come to admire and respect and it got me thinking.

How do we determine our relevance? What is relevance?


Well, according to Vocabulary.com it "is simply the noun form of the adjective "relevant," which means "important to the matter at hand." Artists and politicians are always worried about their relevance. If they are no longer relevant, they may not keep their job."


But, is that really all it is?


With attempting to build my own holistic business and gaining clients, there are times when I feel less than relevant. I know that the services I have to offer are worthwhile and beneficial, but why is it so hard to get the clients in the door?


Most times, all they want are the free services, but to be honest they are doing themselves a disservice by not putting a value on their own wellbeing and it is a disservice to me as they are saying my abilities and time aren't worth anything either.


So how relevant am I? Do I really make a difference?


I'd say I do make a difference just by showing up...

I met a lady yesterday, while doing a "welcome wagon" thing I do to help out a friend with deliveries. She opened up to me and we found out we share some of the same issues. Just by being there and her having someone to relate to made me very relevant. I feel I lifted her up and she definitely lifted me. It made the rest of my route that much better.


I guess it's the little things first (showing up) that will move me into the bigger things (like paying clients) that will help me to feel my relevance wholeheartedly.





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