If you enjoy receiving readings, I primarily offer them using Kyle Gray’s Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards and his Angel Oracle Cards. although I have other decks that I can do your reading with.
Each card gives insights as to what is necessary for you to know in the here and now. From there, a story will develop to help guide you forward.


I am a claircognizant (psychic knower), clairsentient (psychic feeler), and an empath. I am not a practicing medium - I do not normally talk to your deceased loved ones (although it has happened if they really want to get a message through).

I will do these readings via email. You can reach me via the Contact Me page.

The rate for a reading is $45.00


An example of an email reading is provided below.

If you've received a reading from me, please leave your comments below:

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Example spread
Example reading