Part of My Story

Like most people, I grew up in a dysfunctional household but never knew it until I was much older. Years of verbal and emotional abuse had put me into the awful place of self-destruction and no self-worth. I had one terrific friend in my late 20's who gave me a tee shirt that he had printed with "I am bright & beautiful." It took many years for me to start to believe that I was beautiful (I always knew I was bright). I made a lot of bad choices, but that did not make me a "bad" person, just uninformed.


After I turned 40, I woke up and started making changes in my life. I had some help from friends, but I was not comfortable asking for the real help I needed. My first real breakthrough came when I found a group of like-minded people and got the support to make the changes I needed to create and get the help I desperately needed. The journey begins with the first step.


​I made lifestyle, spiritual, emotional and relationship changes, as well as getting to know the signs for when I was starting to backslide into old habits. It is something I have to be aware of and watch all the time, but it does not consume my life. I have grown spiritually and am continually renewing my relationship with Spirit. I am in a great place, and things are only getting better! ​


I've walked the walk so that I can share with others what I've learned, so they can create the life they were meant to have, too.


Now I'm offering you my experience with the hope that it can help you create the life we all know you were born to have. The universe has a grand plan, and each of us has a role to play. It is our responsibility to do this with our heads held high because we've been there and done that and we're still here to say "I am bright and beautiful and I am worthy."

I've been there, done that and I'm here to say:

"I am a survivor! Things will get better if you want them to. The big thing is that you have to do the work!"