An "ahh" moment via email

I love getting my daily emails from Tricycle. The first thing I see is always a quote & today's gave me an "ahh" moment.

Spending time with your own mind is humbling and broadening. One finds that there’s no one in charge, and is reminded that no thought lasts for long. —Gary Snyder, "Just One Breath"

I've always loved this time of year, although I do tend to get a bit moody. The anniversary of my Mom's passing was about a week ago, so lighting my Dia de los Muertos candle and setting up the alter is always a bit hard. I'm working through the feelings of missing her physical being, but it's hard (even after 10 years).

The thoughts and feelings will pass. Sending energy out to the future me helps bring the joy up and helps heal the sadness faster.

I now will remember that with 'just one breath' it all will be good. Everything can change in a moment.

I will take this philosophy with me to my meditation practice.

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